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Atlas of Videourology

Videourology™, the online peer-reviewed complement to Journal of Endourology, offers high-caliber video demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques and technologies as well as urologic endoscopic treatments designed to enable physicians to view and evaluate new minimally invasive and noninvasive techniques and apply them to their practice.

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Podcast: Endourology Sound Bites

Podcast: Endourology Sound Bites

Endourology Sound Bites provides quick, concise, and readily accessible education from some of the best urologists in minimally invasive urology.  Past episodes include Dr. Arthur Smith, Dr. Ralph Clayman, Dr. Margaret Pearle,and many more.

Your host for this podcast series is Bradley Schwartz, D.O., Professor, Department of Surgery, Frank and Linda Vala Endowed Chairman of Urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the Associate Director of Education for the Endourological Society.

This series is brought to you by Richard Wolf. A global leader in edoscopy since 1960, Richard Wolf delivers solutions that are improving patient outcomes and shaping the future of minimally invasive surgery. For more information please visit

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Dr. Jaimie Landman AUA 2019

Educational Videos

The Endourological Society regulary records educational presentation, lectures, trainings, and procedures to support members in staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques.  The most recent recordings are from the "Engineering Day" at the American Urology Association's 2019 meeting.  Both the Engineering & Urology Society and the Society of Urologic Robotic Surgeons participated in over 25 presentations- all available for members to review through this website.

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Educational Scholarships

Educational & Travel Scholarships

Students and members have access to a variety of scholarships.  Medical students can receive summer training and research in minimally invasive urology.  Members from around the world can get access to financial support to attend the World Congress as well as apply to travel and train at leading academic instituations.  Learn about all the scholarship opportunities available by clicking the link below:

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World Endo Logo

World Endo Grant

The World Endo Initiative is a grant provided by the Endourological Society to support humanitarian volunteerism in developing countries. The goal of the grant is to provide training urologists in these countries would not otherwise receive. To this end, the Endourological Society funds trips to select countries for educators to share their expertise.

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