Episode #53: Everything Cystinuria

Endourological Society December 2022
In episode Fifty-three, Everything Cystinuria, Drs. Thomas and Bultitude have established one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive stone centers specifically cystine stones. This episode is dedicated to this frustrating disease and how we might best treat the patients.

Episode #52: The Evolution of PCNL Techniques and Assorted Tips in Treating Stone Disease

Endourological Society November 2022
In episode Fifty-two, The Evolution of PCNL Techniques and Assorted Tips in Treating Stone Disease, Dr. Baldwin discusses his move away from radiation exposure in PCNL and return to using some fluoroscopy with increased experience. He will also discuss laser lithotripsy during PCNL and radiation safety techniques.

Episode #51: Prostate Focal Therapy

Endourological Society October 2022
In episode Fifty-One, Prostate Focal Therapy, Drs. Schwartz and Polascik will discuss the current status of prostate focal therapy and where it lies in the treatment options of prostate cancer treatments.

Episode #50: How Do We Image and Measure Renal Stones?

Endourological Society September 2022
In episode Fifty, How Do We Image and Measure Renal Stones?, Drs. Schwartz and Large discuss how Imaging and measurement of stone disease is crucial when deciding on appropriate treatment modalities. While the AUA and EAU Guidelines are available to everyone, technology sometimes moves faster than updates to these guidelines. Dr. Large reviews some of his advances in stone treatments while adhering to the Guidelines but perhaps “pushing the envelope” in caring for his patients